Beck’s Vier Project #CaptureTheNight

With 24-hour London travel due to start in the Autumn, the possibilities for work, culture and leisure will transform London; there will no longer be a limit to exploring vibrant arts and entertainment scenes in all corners of the city whenever you want.

In association with Beck's Vier, Michael Bosanko has invited Londoners to #CaptureTheNight and enter a unique competition to celebrate the launch of all-night travel - for a chance to see their photograph appear on a brand new travel card holder.

To lead the charge, Michael has created four unique photographs of London at night to feature on the card holders, with each image used representing a different region of London.

Londoners have been invited to #CaptureTheNight, and submit their own photographs celebrating the city after nightfall, for the chance for their photo to feature on the 5th and final wallet.

Michael’s work, and the winner, will be revealed when all five wallets are distributed across tube stations in September to coincide with the arrival of the 24-hour travel.

The #CaptureTheNight campaign celebrates co-creativity and collaboration, bringing together the progressive and creative nature of Beck’s Vier enthusiasts through the work they produce.